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Why Hardwood Floors vs Carpet & Rug

Why Hardwood Floors vs Carpet & RugChoosing flooring for your home is a major decision. Before you make the investment, you need to consider your preferences, budget, lifestyle and other factors, to be sure that you will actually be happy with your decision long-term. Here are some important points to think about when it’s time to select flooring for your home.


Hardwood — For timeless style, hardwood is the choice. Wood flooring is available in species from traditional oak, to more contemporary light pine are, or even more unusual hickory or walnut. Plank widths and stains come in a wide range of choices. Reclaimed or hand-scraped woods can be used for added character. And, ideal accessorizing is merely a matter of choosing an area rug.

Carpets — Carpeting is available in many styles, colors and patterns. However, when you buy a carpet, you are committed to the style and color you choose throughout the life of the carpet, and cannot easily change room décor as flexibly as with hardwood.


Hardwood — Hardwood’s reputation of hardwood for durability is one of its great attractions for home buyers. Also, hardwood floor damage can be repaired without having to replace the floor covering for an entire room, as with carpet.

Carpet — All carpets must be replaced at some point. Even premium quality carpets have a normal lifespan of no longer than about 10-15 years. Patterned carpets have an even shorter life expectancy.


Hardwood — Very little maintenance is required for hardwood floors, compared to carpet. Hardwood floors are naturally water and stain resistant. It is also much easier to see everything that spills onto the floor, making it easy to prevent any buildup of dirt and debris, unlike in carpet fibers.

Carpets — Carpets require much maintenance and many chemical cleaning treatments. Deeply ground in dirt and spills can be very difficult to clean from below the surface of carpets. All carpets eventually must be replaced.


Hardwood — Dirt and dust are clearly visible on hardwood floors, and readily wipe away, making it easier to keep a clean living environment than with carpet. Hardwood does not hold dust particles or other pollutants. For this reason, hardwood is especially recommended for people with allergies or respiratory sensitivities.

Carpets — Airborne pollutants settle into carpets. Carpets absorb allergens that become pushed into deeper layers, making it very difficult to have truly clean carpeting.


Hardwood — there is a higher installation cost for hardwood, however, the overall cost evens out based on hardwood’s much greater longevity than carpet. (New techniques have also significantly reduced installation times / costs.)

Carpet — Installing carpet costs less upfront and is faster than hardwood installations. But, carpeting requires more frequent replacement,  raising the costs and service time over the long-term.


Hardwood — Hardwood floors are naturally sustainable, because they are of natural materials. Replanting allows continual replenishment of woods, for future use. Using reclaimed, recycled wood goes the distance to the greenest flooring purchase.

Carpet — are constructed mostly of synthetic materials, typically with environmentally unhealthy chemical treatment for added durability. New, more eco-friendly carpets are more expensive.

Home Value

there is currently a strong preference for hardwood flooring, among U.S. homeowners and buyers. Hardwoods add to property values, which makes replacing carpeting with hardwoods a good investment, offering a higher financial return than carpets. On the other hand, the decision on flooring type should be based on personal preference, if you plan to live in your home for many years to come.

Having Both Hardwood and Carpet

Many homeowners opt to use hardwood in some rooms and carpeting in others. think about whether or not a mix of the two may be preferable for your home.

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