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Simple and Easy Ways To Protect Your Hardwood Floors From Damage

Simple and Easy Ways To Protect Your Hardwood Floors From DamageAmong the variety of options available for flooring, hardwood is the most popular. This is because it is highly durable and often gives an exquisite finish. Most historic homes with hardwood polished floors still have their floor looking fresh because of its long-lasting nature.

Despite the fact that wood floors may take an extra effort to guard and keep clean, the effort is always worth it eventually because the elegance and potency give your home a receptive and warm look. Also, though the maintenance costs of hardwood floors are low, there are a number of factors to always consider in the upkeep process of ensuring the original and exquisite look does not fade.

Here are some simple ways to protect your hardwood from damage:

  • Always dry wet surfaces regularly and vacuum clean properly

One of the biggest issues to consider when protecting your hardwood floor is moisture or water. Most home contractors will advise you to avoid using wooden flooring in moisture-heavy areas such as the laundry room, full bathrooms, or basements. However, solid hardwoods are every so often installed on kitchen floors where they are exposed to water from a variety of sources such as dishwasher overflows, spills from the sink, as well as refrigerator leaks. Additionally, in some instances, open windows may let in water especially during flash rainstorms. The best way to protect your wooden floors from moisture damage is by cleaning wet surfaces regularly, vacuum clean properly and immediately after a spill. When doing so always use a dry absorbent or spongy material. As an additional measure cover the aforementioned areas with rugs that can be placed in the aforementioned areas.

  • Regularly apply protective coating

It is always a recommendation that you should never leave your hardwood floor uncoated for more than two days. Your floor is as good as its coating. There is a variety easy to apply top coatings to select from for the job of protecting your floor ranging from DYI sealers and stains to thick almost shell-like undercoats for prefinished surfaces. Always apply the thick coats in areas with significant foot traffic such as the top of stirs, pivot points, as well as the living room. For other areas such as interior doors, DYI sealers and stains offer the required protection.

  • Use rugs and Furniture pads

For the high traffic areas in your homes like the kitchen and entryways, there is need to invest in rugs and runners since they experience a lot of wear and tear. Keeping your furniture on top of a rug protects the floor from scratches and damage. Always pick the right rag for specific areas. For the entryway, use an extra padding because of moisture from wet shoes or standing long periods.

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