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Non-Toxic and Safe Flooring for Your Kids

Non-Toxic and Safe Flooring for Your KidsChoosing the right floors can be difficult. Apart from functionality, floors are also important in reflecting the style of a home. Because of their importance, there are lots and lots of flooring options. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough non-toxic and safe floor options. Unsafe floors may end up harming the health of kids especially since their immunity systems are not fully developed. Below is a compilation of some of the best flooring options to keep your kids healthy.

  • Carpets

Many homes use carpets on their floors because of how soft and warm they are. They also come in a variety of designs, colors and prints. This gives home owners a chance to incorporate their personal styles in flooring. However, carpets are usually made from compounds that are harmful to people’s health and the environment. To get carpets that are safe and non-toxic, go for those that are made using natural material such as cotton, wool or sisal. Please note that even non-toxic carpets still need to be cleaned regularly. If they aren’t, they could accumulate dust, bacteria and dirt which may make kids sick.

  • Rubber

Rubber is quickly gaining popularity as a flooring option because it is beautiful, water resistant and durable. You can get your rubber flooring in a variety of colors and designs.

  • Engineered Wood

This flooring option uses plywood and hardwood. Plywood layers are used as foundation and hardwood is used on the surface. It has the look of a normal hardwood floor. This option is great because it offers good soundproofing and it is stable. However, it doesn’t last very long.

  • Linoleum

Also called marmoleum, this flooring option is long-lasting, anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic. It can be made into a number of colors and designs. Marmoleum is made from renewable material.

  • Bamboo

Bamboo is strong and renewable. Bamboo floors are not only beautiful but also safe and non-toxic. Even though it looks like  wood, bamboo isn’t wood. It comes in various hues that make it easy to decorate.

  • Cork

Even though it isn’t very popular yet, cork is a good flooring option. Yes. The same cork you see on wine bottles can be used to make floors. It comes from the barks of certain oak trees. Cork is anti-allergenic and anti-microbial. It is finished the same ways as wood. Floors made from cork are generally easy to maintain. They can last up to 30 years.

  • Slate

This beautiful natural stone is extracted from ancient oceans. It is very long-lasting and it absorbs heat. It can be finished in a variety of beautiful textures and colors depending on personal preference.

When considering your flooring options, consider style, budget, functionality, safety and maintenance.

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