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How To Pick A Hardwood Floor Color Stain

How To Pick A Hardwood Floor Color StainWhile some decisions for house renovation are fun to make, others are actually very difficult and even a little agonizing. One house renovation decision that homeowners often struggle with is picking the right hardwood floor color stain. As you probably know, it is fairly pricey to stain a hardwood floor, so there’s no going back for most homeowners after choosing a hardwood floor color stain. Here are a few tips that will help you pick the right color stain for your hardwood floor.

Brightness or Room Contrast?

One factor that you should consider in the hunt for the perfect color stain is whether you value brightness or room contrast. If the walls in your home are light colored, you should consider a dark color stain to create a nice contrast between the walls and flooring. Also, you should keep in mind that dark floors are a great way to make a space look more modern. If you want to make your floor pop in spite of the dark color, you can just add light colored area rugs. However, if you prefer brightness, you should keep in mind that dark floors tend to make rooms darker because these floors don’t reflect light as well as light-colored floors.

What Color Is the Wood?

The current color of the wood is another factor that you should keep in mind. The same wood stain will look different depending on the current color of the wood. For example, a floor stain will look different if you apply it to a red oak floor rather than a maple floor. This is particularly true when it comes to light colored stains. The color of the original wood will mix with the color of the stain.

Do You Want a Seller Friendly Color?

As a homeowner, you should also consider whether you want a seller friendly color for your hardwood. If you want to sell your home in the future, you should consider choosing classic color to make your home more appealing. Otherwise, you are free to choose a unique and different color stain to add an element of uniqueness to your space. For example, you may decide to color stain your floors teal. In the worst case scenario, a buyer can always refinish the hardwood floors themselves after buying your home if they don’t like your choices when it comes to hardwood floor color stains.

Undoubtedly, choosing the perfect hardwood floor color stain is a difficult task for the vast majority of homeowners. For more information about how to pick a hardwood floor color stain, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Connecticut Flooring LLC. We wil be able to provide you with more tips and information.

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