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Finished Hardwood Flooring (On Site) Vs. Pre-finish Hardwood Flooring

Finished Hardwood Flooring (On Site) Vs. Pre-finish Hardwood FlooringEven though they are both good flooring options, finished hardwood flooring and pre-finish hardwood flooring are different and they both have unique benefits and shortcomings that set them apart. With finished hardwood flooring, flooring is first installed, stained and then finished on site. Pre-finish hardwood flooring involves application of finishing treatment on wood by the manufacturers. The following are some factors that should be considered before deciding on one.

  • Durability

Pre-finished hardwood flooring is more durable. Factories apply very strong chemical sealers which on site installers may not be able to access. They contain crystals of aluminum oxide which are embedded in a coating of urethane. Sanding site finished floors may also not match that of pre-finished floors since the first sanding is done at the time of installation. If you are looking for a flooring option that will last you a long time, then we recommend that you choose pre-finished hardwood flooring.

  • Variety

With site finished hardwood flooring, it is possible to get a wide choice of finishes especially if you are very particular about specific shades and color tones. These options may not be available for pre-finished hardwood flooring.

  • When You Can Walk On The Floor

You can walk on pre-finished floors at any time during installation. You do not have to wait to move your furniture after the process. You can move it back immediately. With site finished flooring, you cannot walk on the floor during the sanding process. It would take about 2 weeks before pets can safely walk on the floor. If you aren’t able to wait that long, we suggest that you consider pre-finished hardwood flooring.

  • Install Time

Installing pre-finished hardwood floors is fast because the process of sanding and staining material is not needed. It takes about half the time it would take to install site-finished flooring. It is also a clean procedure. If you are looking for a flooring option that won’t take you long or are trying to avoid creating a mess because of children pets or other reasons, then you should consider  pre-finished hardwood flooring.

  • Looks

If your major concern is about the final look and feel of the floor being smooth, you should choose site-finished hardwood flooring. If done properly, it is usually smooth with no ‘bumpy’ areas between the boards. If, however, you prefer to have the micro-beveled edges on your floor, we recommend pre-finished flooring.

  • Maintenance

If you do not want to spend a lot of time, money and effort on floor maintenance, you should choose prefinished flooring. Since the surface seal is usually very strong and long-lasting, the floors are easy to maintain. You do not need to get refinished frequently.

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