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Environmentally Friendly, Organic & No VOC Wood Floor Refinishing in Connecticut

Environmentally Friendly, Organic & No VOC Wood Floor Refinishing in ConnecticutOver the last half a century, the best way to repair a battered old wood floor has been by sanding and the application of a Swedish finish by a licensed floorer. The finish is well desired considering it is hard, long-lasting, and visually presenting. Nevertheless, it is purely an alcohol-based acid curing varnish that is extremely toxic. The fumes are extremely corrosive and environmentally degrading. Eco-unfriendly Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as, formaldehyde, are a common compound with a Swedish finish and emit toxic fumes that are a cause of air contamination as well as respiratory sickness. However, we at Connecticut Flooring LLC have developed better eco-friendly alternatives that guarantee our clients with the best flooring services.

Water-borne Polyurethanes.

With 25 years of experience, we at Connecticut Flooring LLC have developed a special water-based polyurethane varnish, with low VOCs. Additionally, it is easy to apply and dries perfectly in a short time. Unlike similar water-based polyurethane products in the market, our solution has been advanced to give you a durable fine finish that is not only unique but also cost-effective and greener.

Oil Modified Polyurethanes.

Over the last decade, manufacturers have been forced by market demands to produce environmentally friendly products complying with federal legislation regulating VOCs. Consequently, this drive has seen the development of Oil Modified Polyurethanes. Nevertheless, Oil Modified Polyurethanes have higher levels of VOCs as compared to Water-borne Polyurethanes. Subsequently, this has seen them score low marks on the eco-friendly ratings, especially in Connecticut.

Through research our professional staff have developed a revolutionary blend of Oil Modified Polyurethanes that is less finicky to use with a reduced level of VOCs than similar products in the market. It also requires only three coats and takes about 24 hours to dry. One of the biggest drawbacks in using Oil Modified Polyurethanes is that it stains the floor with an amber tone. Nevertheless, we at Connecticut Flooring LLC have devised a means to avoid any staining issues.

Penetrating finishes.

In our quest to offer clients with an eco-friendly floor finish while maintaining perfect results, we at Connecticut Flooring LLC use organic oil and wax finishes. These options are regularly used on softwood floors. Our staff members are instructed to use  organic oil and wax as they have low levels of VOC. Over the years, it has become apparent that the use of penetrating finishes are superior to polyurethanes when it comes to softwoods, considering organic oil and wax allows significant floor movement. Penetrating finishes are less costly as compared other options; however, our clients will be advised to make appointments with us for touch ups, as durability is an issue.

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