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Luxury Vinyl Tile CT

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is one of the very best modern options, especially for those that do not want to fully commit to one type of flooring. With a huge variety of choices available, which are made to mimic not just the color and style of other materials, but also their texture and feel, it’s no wonder that luxury vinyl tile is becoming so popular lately.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) in Connecticut

LVT gives you the opportunity to get the look of marble or even hardwood, without the cost or the permanence. While LVT can serve your family well for decades, it is also much easier to change out that other types of flooring, making it the ideal choice for those who might want to change the entire décor of their room in the next decade or so.

For more information about LVT or to start your home or commercial flooring project, contact us or visit our showroom today!

Buy Luxury Vinyl Tile

One of the benefits of purchasing luxury vinyl tile from Connecticut Flooring, LLC is our extremely low pricing promise. We work directly with wholesalers and we pass those savings on to you. With a number of financing options, it’s easy to get the floor that you want right now, and pay it off over time, instead of having to worry about whether or not you can cover the entire cost at the time of purchase.

Connecticut Luxury Vinyl Tile
Connecticut LVT Tile
Connecticut LVT
LVT Tile

High Quality LVT Tile Brands

As your local LVT seller, there really is no better way to get the tiles that you want, in the color, look, or design that you desire. The LVT brands that we sell include:

  • Harding – Hardin was one of the first brands to offer easy-install, vinyl flooring in a range of different styles, textures, and looks. Most of their flooring comes with a twenty-five year residential warranty, making it a great option for just about any home.
  • FreeFit – FreeFit uses advanced production processes that prevent delamination. With a thick layer of protection over the vinyl planks themselves, this brand’s luxury vinyl tiles are extremely durable and look beautiful in just about any room for just about any application. With products that lock together when they are installed, it is possible to get a safe, beautiful floor that will not skid or shift when you walk on it.
  • Karndean – With design and durability at the helm of this business’s mission statement, Karndean is always a great choice. For more than forty years, they have been providing vinyl flooring to their customers, and are now offering some of the best luxury vinyl tiles on the market.
  • Armstrong – This brand prides themselves on offering unique flooring solutions. With products that range from the look of wood to the look and feel of marble tile, it really does not get better than Armstrong, especially for commercial applications. Whether you want a very stylized modern look or a very clean, traditional look, or anything in between, Armstrong probably has a product for you.
  • Resista Flooring – Resista’s products are some of the best on the market and are geared towards those looking for an environmentally-friendly solution. For those who want flooring that has the look of wood without the impact on the environment, Resista is the ideal choice—but they also have products that mimic stone, porcelain, and just about every other type of tile.

Luxury vinyl tile might not be every person’s first choice when it comes to flooring, but it is an excellent choice. With durability that rivals or exceeds any other type of flooring, and a huge variety of styles to choose from, LVT can find a place in just about any home. New eco-friendly production methods and products that really do mimic the look, feel, and even sound of the real material make LVT both an environmental, economical, and beautiful choice.

Professional Luxury Vinyl Tile Installation in Connecticut

If you have selected luxury vinyl tile for a single room or for your entire home or commercial property, let Connecticut Flooring, LLC install it. Our team of professional installers have the skills and the expertise to install your LVT perfectly the first time, so never have to worry about shifting, movement, or chipping of your tiles.

What makes LVT unique is the ability to install it on top of other types of flooring, without damaging the flooring underneath. Whether you have ripped up your old flooring or want your vinyl tile installed on top of another type of flooring, our professional installers have the tools and expertise to make sure your floor looks exactly how you want it to look and will serve you well for decades to come.

For more information about luxury vinyl tile or to select your style and color, contact us or come down and visit our showroom today!

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