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The Many Benefits of Real Hardwood Flooring

real-hardwood-floorsHardwood flooring is essential in creating a contemporary and inviting atmosphere in any room. There are a number of reasons as to why it makes the perfect option over most of the other flooring alternatives. Hardwood floors have been around for quite a long time now, and for good reason! This may be due to the countless number of benefits that hardwood floors have over the other floors that have been created over the years. Some of the major benefits that are tied to hardwood floors are:

Hardwood floors are the most appealing! Bottom line, real hardwood floors give any home added value   because they look fantastic. There’s a reason why realtors list ‘Hardwood Floors’ in their listings – it’s because many of us love and appreciate the real beauty of them.

Every property owner is looking for a floor that will be a well worth investment where repairs and maintenance costs can be kept at a minimum. Hardwood floors offer the perfect solution to this. They are strong and as a result, are relatively durable. Other floors may require a whole new installation where hardwood floors may require sanding and refinishing, which, in some cases, is far lass expensive.

They’re easy to clean! Hard wood floors do not accumulate a lot of dirt and dust which makes overall maintenance easy.

Hardwood floors make it possible to create a wide range of looks, medallions, symbols and appearances on the floor in which it is installed. Given the wide assortment of color, style, size and species they come in, hardwood floors are perfect for those looking for a unique, elegant floor with real materials.

Hardwood floors are great in enhancing the aesthetics of any property, old or new. Considering a new installation? Call Us! Have existing floors and looking for refinishing and sanding? Call Us!

  1. My husband and I are in the process of building our dream home and I have always pictured it having hardwood floors, so I really appreciate this information. I like how you point out that hardwood floors are easy to keep clean and easy to maintain. I imagine that as long as they are bought from a reputable company and installed correctly, they really will be a pretty low maintenance addition to our home. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Great post! I learned a lot about the benefits of real hardwood flooring my reading this! Thank you for explaining how “Hardwood flooring is essential in creating a contemporary and inviting atmosphere in any room.” My parents have hardwood flooring in their house and it really helps to maintain a very calm, soothing tone in their house.

  3. What is great about hardwood floors is yes they are easy to clean, but they improve the value of your home as well. I remember when we sold our home we were able to sell for more because of hardwood floors installed.

  4. Great post! Thank you for helping me understand the benefits of real hardwood flooring. I really like how you said that “Hardwood flooring is essential in creating a contemporary and inviting atmosphere in any room.” My family and I are remodeling our home right now so I hope that we can find a good flooring company that can supply us with the things we need to put in the hardwood floor that we want.

  5. The main reason I would get wood floors, if I could, would be for the look. They just bring a lot of class to a home. I can see how it would bring added value to the home. It does make sense that they would be easier to clean and don’t hold a lot of dirt like carpet. Thanks for the info.

  6. I actually had no idea that hardwood flooring is so easy to clean compared to other options. Since I have a couple of children, I’ve been focusing on looking for new floors that would be very easy to maintain. It sounds like I should look into hardwood a little bit more. Do you know if there are also any coatings available for them to help keep them in good condition?

  7. This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that hardwood floors add value to your home. My husband and I are going to be renovating our dining room, and we’re trying to decide what kind of flooring to put in. We’re going to be moving in a couple of years, so we’ll definitely look into installing hardwood so we can bump up our home’s value. Thanks for the great post!

  8. The thing like about hardwood flooring is that they are easy to clean. With so many other things that need to be cleaned in your home, it is nice having something that cleans easy and fast. And, when your floors are dirty, your house can really look filthy. So I like the fact that they are easy to clean because I will clean them more often.

  9. We have hardwood floors in our house , and we never knew what the real benefits were. I had no idea that hardwood actually adds value to your home. I will have to remember that if we ever decide to sell the house.

  10. Putting everything into consideration, I recommend Hardwood floors because they are a time-tested flooring option, and remain one of the most popular choices for those wanting a versatile look that also contains a bit of elegance.

  11. I learned a lot about hardwood flooring by reading this article. I like how you explained that hardwood floors do not accumulate a lot of dirt and dust which helps to make taking care of it a lot easier. I hope that sharing this article can help my parents to know what flooring is the best to invest in.

  12. My wife has decided that she doesn’t like the way our dining room floor looks and wants to get it remodeled. You stated that every property owner is looking for a floor that will be a well worth investment where repairs and maintenance costs can be kept at a minimum. Do most flooring contractors prefer to work with hardwood floors? Having some hardwood floors installed could be very beneficial.

  13. I’ve always wanted a home with hardwood floors. I like how you mention that hardwood floors are well worth your investment since they are strong and relatively durable. I’m trying to convince my husband that we should install them in our house, and hopefully telling him that they’re easy to clean will do the trick!

  14. You’re right in saying that hardwood flooring has a wide range of looks. In the picture you posted at the top of the article, I love the darker brown second from the right. I’m going to start looking for a similar type.

  15. I have always loved the look that hardwood flooring can bring into your home, and I was wondering if it had any other benefits. It’s interesting that it can actually give the home more value! We were already slightly planning on moving in the far future, but it would be nice to get the floors done before then.

  16. I love that hardwood floors have such an elegant and classy look to them! They never go out of style, and they look good in any style of home. I really do think they give a home added value, and they really help the home to look amazing. Plus, if you suffer from allergies or asthma, they are much better for you then carpets are!

  17. I agree that hardwood floors are super appealing. There’s a reason getting wood floors adds to your home’s value. While it can be a little pricey installing it, when you sell your home, it’s well worth it.

  18. My wife and I are remodeling a home before we move into it. The flooring had to be completely redone, so we are trying to choose a new flooring material to replace the old one. I really like how you mention that hardwood floors given any home added value. This will definitely convince my wife to go with hardwood floors, so thanks for sharing!

  19. Thanks for the great blog article. You mentioned that hardwood floors are strong and durable, and only require the occasional refinishing. My sister has been thinking about having the old laminate flooring in her kitchen taken out, but wasn’t sure what material she should have put in. If hardwood could be that low-maintenance, I’m sure my sister would really love it as she’s very busy taking care of her kids and they can be rather rough on their house.

  20. My wife and I have recently moved into an older home with our family. We want to have upgrades done throughout the home that brings a warm inviting feel. I didn’t realize hardwood floors are able to create a comfortable feel by being offered int a variety of looks and styles that fit any space. I’ll be sure to share this information with my wife.

  21. I like how the article points out that wood floors can be refinished which can be much cheaper than a replacement like other floors may require. I have been interested in having wood floors installed in my home ever since I read that they bring a really good ROI to my home. It’s good to know too that if I decide to keep my home for a while before selling it, I can have my floors refinished to have them looking like new again.

  22. Hardwood floors seem like a great idea. Like you said, wood just looks the best and is the most appealing to people. If we were to ever sell our home, I know we wouldn’t regret putting hardwood floors in.

  23. My husband and I need to redo the flooring in our home and are contemplating getting wood floors. I like the benefit you pointed out, that hardwood floors can increase the value of you home, which is great if you’re wanting to sell it in the future. Wood floors are super pretty to look at and seems like a good option for us.

  24. I like how you said that every property owner wants an investment that will have minimum repairs and maintenance costs. With how durable hardwood floors can be this would be a great investment that could pay itself off many many times. Not only that, but hardwood flooring is beautiful and can really add to the value and style of your home.

  25. I’m glad you mentioned how hardwood floors can be less expensive than other kinds because they only need occasional refinishing instead of entire replacement. I’ve been considering getting wood floors for my house, but I wasn’t sure if they needed a lot of maintenance. It sounds like they’re easier to take care of than the vinyl slabs I have now.

  26. My wife are building our first home next year, and we’re debating on what flooring type to have installed. It was helpful how you mentioned that hardwood floors are advantageous since they add value to your home. This would be beneficial in case we ever needed to sell and move somewhere else.

  27. I am looking into hardwood flooring for the home that my fiance and I are going to move into. We are interested in learning more about the many benefits of this material. It is nice to know that they are easy to clean and do not accumulate a lot of dirt.

  28. Wood flooring sounds like a great addition to our home. We’re looking at remodeling our kitchen, so this is great to know now! I love how you said that they don’t take a lot of maintenance to stay beautiful.

  29. I have been planning to have the flooring replaced soon and am currently searching for a good option. That was when I came across this article and learned about hardwood flooring and how it is popular because of its low maintenance needs due to their resistance to dirt. It has the quality I am looking for in a flooring, so I should probably consider this one. Thanks!

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